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Lee Yang/Wang Chi-lin in Numbers

Selasa, 09 April 2019 09:39:20
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The scratch pair was benefited by BWF tournament tight schedule and BWF statute statute, where a tournament entry close date is 6 weeks prior the day of the tournament.

By that rule, a scratch pair that is consist of strong player with high national point is possible to entry 7 tournament in a row. For their 7th tournament, the entry can be done when the 1st tournament is about to start, meaning that it is still possible to use their national point.

Lee Yang/Wang Chi-lin, except in All England, also played in mix double. In 7 weeks both player played same total matches though the achievement in the mix double sector for both players is different. Lee Yang and Wang Chi-lin played total 38 matches in 7 weeks. In the term of total price accumulated, Lee Yang leads by 4$4.5.

In summary, Lee Yang accumulated $ 30,724.5 and Wang Chi-lin accumulated $30,740.12. As comparison, Ahsan/Hendra got 37,000 by winning All England and played 5 matches in the tournament.

Malaysia Open is not the end, they are scheduled to play in Ciputra Hanoi International Challenge by this week. (petebakar)

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