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Sudarnianto sells 10 rackets for donations

Selasa, 12 Mei 2020 07:22:29
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Dear friends,

I need your help, to help People Living with HIV and Aids in Madiun (East Java)-Indonesia.

Due to Covid-19, many people in Indonesia and everywhere in the world have the deepest and painful impact to survive.

According to UNAIDS, Indonesia in 2018 has:
640.000 pople were living with HIV
46.000 people were newly infected with HIV
38.000 people died from an AIDS-related ilness.

My friend is an activist and a volunteer for HIV-AIDS in the Region of Madiun. She has 20 people to look after right now. The problem she is facing now are distribution's fee and other expenses due to Covid-19 as they live in Red Zones and other area. Those who live in red zones or another city are not allowed to go home. They are not allowed to visit the Hospital or health center where they usualsy go to take the medicines. The Government support the medication but not the distribution to every person.

Only the Volunteers/activists are allowed to collect and to send to them.

She needs around CHF 100,-/month to help 20 people for the period of 5 months as we don't know how long the Covid last. It means I need to find some helps to get CHF 500.

To be able to help, I would like to sale 10 second hand high-end rackets from different brands (Flypower, astec, Yang Yang) with very good condition for only CHF 50/Racket. They are mainly used only for a test or used by my team players.

You can use TWINT by using my mobile number or other ways to transfer to:
POST Account: 40-391 938-5
Bank: Post Finance
IBAN: CH60 0900 0000 4039 1938 5
Name Sudarnianto David Bachmann
Address: Hardstrasse 28
4052 Basel

(Due to privacy reason, I will send my mobile number on request privately).

I will write down the names of the donors here, to update how many rackets left and will post the proof that the donation is sent and received by her.

Thanks in advance! (*)

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